North Bridge provides tailored carbon solutions to help you meet your sustainability goals.

Companies, policy makers, and investors need to work together to address the climate issues at hand and build a more sustainable future. North Bridge leads the charge by working with business leaders on structuring and procuring high quality avoidance and removal credits that deliver impact-driven projects and combat climate change.

bird's eye view of a green forest
three smoke stacks with blue sky in background

We help business leaders by focusing on nature-based and technology-based solutions as a significant role player in meeting and exceeding climate goals. These solutions are especially crucial for global companies seeking to transition their portfolios to net zero by 2050.

North Bridge's holistic approach to combating climate change utilizes carbon credits to provide flexibility, remain cost-effective, and enable businesses to offset hard to abate emissions. Revenue generated by carbon credits paired with North Bridge's investments in nature:

  • Improve the climate
  • Increase revenue for farmers, ranchers, and landowners
  • Sequester carbon
  • Boost biodiversity, soil health, and water quality

Work with North Bridge to bridge the gap between you and your corporate climate goals.

farmer planting seeds in the ground